Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms Salt Lake City, Utah

Residential burglaries are one of the most common types of crimes most cities in America face. Almost everyone has been the victim of a home property crime or knows someone whose home was burglarized. The extreme and most terrifying form of home burglary involves home invasion when homeowners or other family members are at home when a robbery takes place.

At Tri-City Alarm, our systems come with panic buttons and other security features that minimize the likelihood that you and your family will experience a robbery.  Depending on your unique situation, you can select window sensors, door sensors, motion control detectors, and more. We even offer security systems that can be remotely operated from a Smartphone, tablet or computer.

Once a system is installed, Tri-City Alarm monitors your home from a centralized location where trained professional stand at the ready to respond to any emergency you experience. With wireless systems, there is no need to worry about phone lines being cut or disarmed and our monitoring station has direct access to police, fire, and other emergency service personnel. We remain on the line with you until help arrives and keep you informed of when they will arrive.

With Tri-City Alarms, you are in the hands of caring professionals who are invested in keeping you and your family safe.


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