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Commercial Security Systems

Commercial & Business Security Systems Salt Lake City Utah

Businesses need affordable security solutions to protect employees, equipment, and the physical structure of an office. A security system from Tri-City Alarm Company delivers the protection that businesses and commercial sites need at a price that meets their budgets.

Tri-City’s user-friendly, touch-screen security systems are easy for you and your employees to program yet secure enough to keep out intruders. The system comes with a board event log that displays who accessed the security system and when, and a message center to provide emergency communication to a preselected list of contacts.

Affordable add-on services include back-up wireless communications in the event that phone lines become inoperable, panic button technology in case of a break-in or hold-up, along with fire alerts.  Security cameras provide additional visual screening and digital back-up that can be used as evidence for insurance and law enforcement purposes.Tri-City Alarm will evaluate and place cameras in strategic locations where your business is vulnerable to break-in and theft.

Remote access to arm and disarm the system is available through a variety of applications such as Smartphones, tablets, computers and more. All access is protected by user-selected passwords that can be changed at any time. Do you already have a security system in place? Let us review it to see if your property is as secure as it can be.

Commercial & Residential Security System Services

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Commercial Security Systems

Businesses need affordable security solutions to protect employees, equipment, and the physical structure of an office.

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