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Home Automation Salt Lake City

Home automation is similar to being the conductor of an orchestra. With a few simple commands, you can control your home sound system, lighting, temperature, appliances, security system and more. From the convenience of your Smartphone, tablet, computer or home panel, you are the creator of your home environment. Turn up the temperature, start your favorite tunes, preheat the oven – you name it.

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With home automation, you cannot only manage your time more effectively but you can also save money on things like energy costs. The real bonus comes in quality of life improvements as you weave in your audio and video components, creating the ability to manage sound and entertainment inside and outside of your home. And automation doesn’t stop there! Depending on how much or little automation you want, Tri-City Alarms is prepared to include your sprinkling system, home security system, and even such things as your pool or spa controls. The sky is the limit with home automation.

The system controls your home, but you are in complete control of the system. Call Today for a free consultation. (801) 463-(FREE) – (801) 463-3733 

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