Video Surveillance

Video cameras are an effective way to deter property crime and internal theft of both employees and business property. Tri-City Alarm offers digital video solutions to provide you with additional security and peace of mind against outside break-ins and internal theft.

Strategically placed, motion-activated and discreet video cameras at vulnerable locations—doors, windows, safes, registers, exterior lots—to record all activity for review in real-time or later. Recordings are done onsite via DVR, or at a secure Tri-City Alarm location where they are stored.

Does Surveillance Work? There is ample evidence that criminals react to the sight of surveillance cameras. Police departments in major cities like Houston and San Diego agree that most criminals are opportunists and will walk away from a building or home with obvious security to find an easier target.


A Word About Employee Theft. According to Nevada State Bank, seven percent of business revenue is lost due to employee theft, and nearly one-quarter—23%–involved ore than $1 million! No one wants to appear suspicious of employees or create a negative environment, but employee theft is a cancer that impacts business owners and honest employees.

How secure is your business from theft? Don’t leave your business and employees vulnerable to thieves. Contact Tri-City Alarms today to schedule a free onsite consultation.

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